Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pinterest Auto Pinner With URL Rotator

Are you marketing on Pinterest?

Would you like to automate the pinning process?

Then keep reading!

Pinterest has some of the best traffic on the internet right now.Alot of people are making a full time income with Pinterest.

There have been alot of Pinterest bots that have come and gone and were buggy to begin with.Not to mention these bots were expensive.

My Pinterest auto pinner bot is made with imacros and will not crash.You can run it as long and as fast as you like.

Be careful how you use it and don't Spam!


Here's What My Auto Pinner Has


Changes Pin URL To Yours

Checks Pin URL

Pins Multiple Pins From Category

Custom Time Settings

Full Detailed Instructions On How To Setup

Increase Your Traffic And Followers Fast


If your not a Paxum user Click Here and signup
The Pinterest bot will be sent to the email address you used to buy with unless you specify differently.